GDC scientists explore hidden gem in Narok

Friday, May 26, 2017 - GDC is exploring the possibility of utilizing waters from a hot spring located at the Majimoto village of Narok South for Direct Use purposes.

The hot spring which covers about 7 acres, serves close to 2,500 residents who rely on it primarily for domestic purposes.

A team of GDC staff led by Ms. Martha Mburu, the Manager in charge of the geothermal Direct Use Department has undertaken a reconnaissance of the hot spring to check on its temperature and amount of water for a possible utilization by the residents, where GDC can apply it for Direct Use purposes.

“We came to prospect on the amount of available water, its source, and temperatures and to evaluate opportunities for its direct uses. We want to see how GDC can assist the neighboring community to utilize this water for aquaculture and green house farming. They can supply hotels in the nearby world-renown Maasai Mara National Park,” said Martha.

“From the shallow source, we can estimate the temperature at 56 degrees Celsius which is good for Direct –Use purposes. We will come back here to explore the source of the spring,” said Jeremiah Kipn’gok a geochemist at GDC.

Area chief Mr. Mayone Rimoine has thanked GDC and requested that the hot spring be fenced to prevent its contamination.

“We are happy that you want to assist us explore how best we can benefit from this hot water; we look forward to working with GDC,” said Mr. Rimoine

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