Geothermal Centre of Excellence

The Geothermal Centre of Excellence is the Geothermal Development Company’s think tank and in-house training facility founded as a response to an existing regional skills gap in the geothermal energy subsector. The Centre offers comprehensive, peer-reviewed programs in all aspects of geothermal energy development.

The Centre of Excellence aims to upgrade the competency level of geothermists in the region through formal training of students, regional conferences where geothermists can share experiences and publication of a bi-annual scientific journal that will document scientific developments in the geothermal sub-sector within the region.

The Centre of Excellence offers short course programs at certificate level with emphasis placed on modern techniques of surface exploration, drilling, resource assessment and project management.

The programs are continually evaluated to be in line with industry demands. While implementing these programmes, the Centre of Excellence has developed strong partnerships and linkages with different players in the energy sector.

To be the preferred institution in geothermal training and consulting in Africa.

To develop the necessary critical mass required for the holistic development of geothermal resources in Africa.

Integrity, Professionalism and Respect of diversity.