Analysis of PDC bits use over tricone bits for drilling in Paka field

Abraham Khaemba
Geothermal Development Company


Drilling exploration wells in the Baringo-Silali prospect area, Paka field commenced in late 2018, with the drilling of Paka well 01 (PW01), a vertical well. With the data obtained from drilling PW01, better design was done for drilling of the second well in Paka to ensure less time is taken to drill the well to completion and thus overall reduction in well cost. One of the design factors important in drilling of geothermal wells whose design was improved on the second well is bit design. Four (4) bit sizes are used in drilling of geothermal wells, generally giving the profile of the wells. The sizes are 26", 17½", 12¼" and 8½". PW01, which forms basis for this study followed this well profile design.

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