Automated Water Monitoring and Control Using SCADA

David Wachira Githinji
Geothermal Development Company


Inadequate supply of water, a vital resource has been a grappling problem for humanity for a long time. Elaborate water distribution infrastructure has been developed to serve as the link between the source and the consumer, but supply lags demand. This infrastructure which consists of water reservoirs, booster pump stations and pipelines should be closely monitored and controlled for them to work efficiently. Automation has now become the standard got to solution for control of complex industrial processes. SCADA, a popular automation package provides in a package a solution for the real-time supervision and control of the pipeline. It provides monitoring for systems along the network that are geographically distributed over large areas. The uses of SCADA are spread over other industries ensuring the proper working of complex critical infrastructure like power, gas and railway. This paper presents a SCADA based automation solution for use in water distribution networks. The system encompasses hardware installations including sensors for data collection, actuators for process control and software configuration for process monitoring and control. Later chapters discuss the results of pilot tank level monitor installed.

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