GDC is committed to establishing and maintaining a harmonious relationship with project stakeholders and neighboring communities to enable uninterrupted development of geothermal resources. We undertake Corporate Social Investment that is geared at improving the social, environmental and economic wellbeing of the communities around our project areas.
GDC has mapped out of areas of influence in both North and Central Rift regions to guide in public participation and interventions with regard to community engagement. There are also structures in place through which GDC works with host communities and other stakeholders to ensure uninterrupted project development.

GDC focuses on empowerment (youth, women, and persons with disabilities), education, health and water in its social investment. The Corporate Social Investment program is guided by a policy that outlines GDC’s commitment towards realization of sustainable relationships with host communities and other stakeholders in its project areas. The policy is guided by the following principles:

  • Professionalism, integrity, equity and transparency
  • Relevance and sustainability
  • Inclusion and acceptability
  • Free and prior informed consent

Some of the Corporate Social Investment activities that we have carried out include:

Youth Empowerment
  • GDC has facilitated the formation of youth SACCOs in our project areas. The SACCOs facilitate youth meetings and undertake casual/temporary engagement
  • GDC has provided employment opportunities to youth from our host communities
Women empowerment program
  • Sensitization on access to business opportunities
  • Six women SACCOs have been established in Menengai
  • Exposure/experiential tours to project sites
  • Sponsoring the roofing of Ol Rongai Secondary girls’ dormitory
  • Availing funds for plastic water tanks for schools and health centers in North Rift
  • Construction of Kibenos ECD classroom in Baringo
  • Offering career talks for high schools

  • An ambulance availed to the Bahati Sub-County Hospital
  • Renovation of the operating theatre at the Bahati Sub-County Hospital, Nakuru
  • Renovation of St. John Dispensary
  • Renovated the community water tank and a water kiosk at the Wanyororo B community water project. GDC also drilled a borehole and undertook the piping of water to the main community storage tank.
  • Schools/Health Centers in Baringo-Silali project area of influence have been supplied with water especially during the drought seasons.
  • Baringo-Silali Project community water supply including construction of 20 community water points and treatment plants for domestic use and water troughs for livestock.

Procedure for Partnership

All requests for partnership in Corporate Social Investment programs should be addressed to:
The Managing Director/CEO
Geothermal Development Company
Kawi House, Red Cross road, South C
P.O BOX 100746 -00101
Or send an email to: