Geothermal Center of Excellence

The Geothermal Centre of Excellence (GCE) is the Geothermal Development Company’s in-house training facility founded as a response to an existing regional skills gap in the geothermal energy sub-sector. The Centre offers comprehensive, peer-reviewed programs in all aspects of geothermal energy development.
The Centre of Excellence aims to upgrade the competency level of geothermists in the region through formal training of students, regional conferences where geothermists can share experiences, publication of a bi-annual scientific journal that will document scientific developments in the geothermal sub-sector within the region.

The Centre of Excellence offers short course programs at certificate level with emphasis placed on modern techniques of surface exploration, drilling, resource assessment and project management.
The programs are continually evaluated to be in line with industry demands and requirements. While implementing these programmes, the Centre of Excellence has developed strong partnerships and linkages with different players in the energy sector.


To develop the necessary critical mass required for the holistic development of geothermal resources in Africa


To be the preferred destination in geothermal training and consulting in Africa


Respect for different cultures & ethnicities

Meet The Team

  • Dr. Robert Ogutu
    Ag. Deputy Manager

    Dr. Robert Ogutu is in charge of the Geothermal Centre of Excellence Department. He reports to the General Manager, Strategy Research and Innovation. The Department has three (3) sections, Capacity Building and Resource Centre, External Consultancies, Linkages and Partnerships and the Research and Innovation section. The Capacity Building and Resource Centre and the External Consultancies, Linkages and Partnerships sections are headed by Chief Officers. The Research and Innovation section is headed by a Senior Scientist.

  • Grace Kiplagat
    Chief Officer

    Grace Kiplagat is the Chief Officer in charge of Capacity Building and Resource Centre.

    • Oversee the establishment of GDC training facility.
    • Registration of training facility and infrastructure establishment
    • Oversee the running of GDC training facility
    • Schedule training programs & calendar
    • Accreditation of programs & trainers
    • Certification of programs
    • Review of fee structure
    • Establish & maintain expert/resource persons/profiles database
    • Management of the Resource Centre

  • Dr. Thecla Mutia
    Senior Scientist

    Dr. Thecla Mutia is a Senior Scientist in charge of Research and Innovation

    • Facilitate Research and Innovation
    • Develop research and development strategies, tools, management processes and methodologies.
    • Developing networks and collaborations with partners with the aim of leveraging strategic partnerships
    • Sourcing for research funding through proposal writing
    • Management of conferences
    • Liaise with external organizations and institutions and coordinate GDCs representation in national and international fora
    • Co-ordinate presentation of results of any completed research work at international conferences and publication in peer review journals
    • Preparation of conferences annual calendar
    • Oversee the establishment of both GDC training facility and AGCE
    • Curriculum development/review