GDC Services

Consultancies and Equipment Leasing

GDC services include providing consultancy and equipment leases for drilling and exploration.

Equipment Leasing

GDC equipment to be leased include:

  • Drilling equipment, Well completion equipment, scientific exploratory work equipment
  • Reservoir management equipment
  • Geothermal well testing equipment
  • Geo-Science and GIS laboratories
  • Environmental monitoring and management equipment


Geothermal Development Company founded The Geothermal Centre of Excellence (GCE) as a response to an existing regional skills gap in the geothermal energy sub-sector. Through the Centre, GDC offers consultancies in the following areas:

Scope of Consultancies

  • 1. Laboratory Services
    • Geochemical analysis; Elemental analysis of water, soils and analysis of gas samples
    • XRD analysis; Soil and rock sample analysis
    • XRF analysis; Soil and rock sample analysis
    • Mineralogy; Thin section analysis of rocks, sample cuttings and core samples
  • 2. Surface Exploration Studies
    • Geological exploration; Lithological, thermal manifestations and structural mapping
    • Heat loss surveys; Shallow hole temperature surveys, temperature gradient hole drilling and surveys
    • Environmental and Socio-economic Baseline Studies and Environment and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and Audit studies
    • Geochemical exploration; Radon and carbon dioxide soil gas survey, sampling, and analysis of surface fluid discharges of interest, sampling and analysis of fumarole gases and steam condensates.
    • Geophysical exploration; MT/TEM, Gravity, Magnetics, and passive seismic surveys
  • 3. Well Siting Services
    • Data interpretation, integration, and conceptual modeling
  • 4. Drilling & Infrastructure Services
    • Well design services
    • Drilling supervision services
    • Shallow water borehole drilling
    • Cementing services
    • Well work-over services/ Well quenching services
    • Air drilling services
    • Deep geothermal well drilling
    • Directional drilling services
    • Fishing services
    • Well stimulation services
    • Borehole geology
    • Rig move services
    • Well pads preparation
    • Design and construction of water reticulation system
    • Design and construction of access roads
    • Design and construction of fluid recirculation ponds
  • 5. Reservoir/Management Services
    • Geothermal well logging: Pressure, temperature and spinner measurements, Static Formation Temperature Tests (SFTT), Completion test (Step rate injection & pressure decay), Well stimulation, Well discharge equipment design & Well discharge testing, Measurement tools calibration.
    • Reservoir science: Reservoir Monitoring & management, Reservoir modeling and simulation, Scale management.
  • 6. Direct Utilization
    • Assessment of Direct Use potential; Assessing the business case for Direct Use applications; Design of direct use systems.
  • 7. Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) & Audit studies
    • Baseline environment and socio-economic studies
    • ESIA reporting, Stakeholder Engagement Frameworks, project licensing and environmental and social monitoring and management plans
  • 8. Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
    • SEA studies and reporting
  • 9. Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) Studies
    • Development of a policy framework
  • 10. Capacity Building
    • Competency training, on the job training & hands on training in the entire value chain of geothermal development.

For more information please contact us through:
Dr. Robert Ogutu, Chief Officer - GCE